About US


The journey of the firm from Ever Fresh Dairy to the new venture of 7 Stars Cash and Carry has a very interesting beginning. We started the business with a mere £36 investment by selling Eggs and Bread to the local cafes and earning next to Nil profits. But low profits never stopped us from pushing ourselves over the edge. The expansion started and the company began Dealing with Milk and in a very little time, it grew into a variety of Drinks, Cheese, and many other Dairy products.

Since the beginning, the journey of Ever Fresh Dairy has been nothing but inspiring and it will not be incorrect to state it in a similar fashion of ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Yes, 7 Stars Cash and Carry brings along a history! We believe bringing the company from Dust to Dawn to a position so tall is always a success story worth giving all ears. When expansion takes place, new additions are always good to carry along. Established in 2018, the company began the journey by supplying eggs and bread to small cafes and takeaways in London. With hard work and determination, the business then developed rapidly, and the supply chain turned into wholesale retailers!

When you have the right strategy and high aims, no night seems too small. With passing years, each day witnessed some highs and lows. The story has many successful chapters; we started with selling minimal and had only 2 products, now we have over 2000 products with 7 Stars Cash and carry, for our customers to choose from!

Today we have embarked our journey with uncountable achievements, certifications, and strong relationship-based clients. The celebration of achieving each milestone is a bookmark of the journey of ‘7 Stars Cash and Carry’.

But as demand grew, we did not compromise the quality of the products and in fact raised the bars!

We believe in keeping the trust of our clients as our aimed priority and never let the expansion compromise with it. We make sure that they still feel that they are taken care of by a privately-run company like it used to be.

Here at 7 Stars Cash and Carry, we sell the very best Dairy products, Frozen, packaging, confectionery and Beverages.


Customer Service is a key to make the business what it is! We prioritize the wishes and ease of our customers and therefore focus on bringing innovative ideas and solution in the market which are not only user friendly but are also economically sustainable.

Technology has always been a boon to the industries and with the help of the right machinery and techniques, a business can be levelled up without much hassle. Over the last few years, we have invested in upgrading & developing our service fleet, to meet both our customers’ and delivery drivers’ needs.